1.11.24 6P-9P @ Comfort CLE

1.11.24 6P-9P @ Comfort CLE

We are excited to start off 2024 with an amazing lineup of musicians. 

Join us January 11, 2024 6P-9P at Comfort CLE 1400 E.105th Cleveland, Ohio 44106. Curated by Sam Supreme


Artist Lineup 

A Smxth : @a_smxth



Charity Evonna : @charityevonna_

Charity Evonna is easily identified as an irresistible spirit, A Neo Soul R&B singer songwriter hailing from Dallas, Texas with a voice that resonates deeply. She effortlessly weaves powerful emotions into her R&B melodies. Her upbringing, passion for music, and songwriting reflects her journey of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery. Drawing from the deep roots of the south, it inspires Charity to write and perform songs of hope and empowerment. Charity is a songstress who performs anthems that brings home the message of the importance of self-love and self-care and down right feel good music. She spent most of her childhood with her grandmother and going to church learning the traditional gospel; with that, Charity taps into beautiful unique melodies while engaging with her audience, honing her skills through captivating lyrics and intimate performances. Charity, unwavering confidence, and dedication has led her audiences to become completely engulfed in her magical, melismatic vocals.

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Peachcurls : @peachcurls



Swank. : @swankieeeg

Swank is a Cleveland based artist who makes music about overcoming struggles and seeing the good in life, while also combining it with clever word play and his own lyrical style.



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