12.14.23 6-9P @ Comfort CLE

12.14.23 6-9P @ Comfort CLE

Be a part of something special as we capture the energy and passion of these Great People in a live recording session. Your cheers and applause will become a part of the Great Music being made! Cleveland is bursting with artistic brilliance, and by attending this event, you're not just enjoying great music – you're supporting the vibrant local music scene. Your presence helps these talented artists continue to create and share their passion.

 Join us December 14 2023 6P-9P at Comfort CLE 1400 E.105th Cleveland, Ohio 44106. Curated by Sam Supreme


Artist Lineup 

Kent Archie@kent_archie / YouTube

My musical content really comes from the life experiences I go through. Sometimes it's about an actual situation I've encountered, or I'll vocalize my inner thoughts on society, politics, media, culture pass present and possible futures. Sonically I'll use the best style to complement the subject. Sometimes I'll have a gritty punk vibe. I'll sing on tracks if that's what best capture the message. Other times I'll just keep it traditional and drop straight bars. I mostly let the music pull the words out of me and write them down.


Sam Supreme: @thesamsupreme


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