11.9.23 6-9P @ Comfort CLE

11.9.23 6-9P @ Comfort CLE

Great People Make Great Music is an experience for Cleveland musicians to share music to a supportive community with no egos, just ears. Paired with the amazing food and environment at Comfort CLE I believe we will uplift the Great People who make Great Music in Cleveland and worldwide!

 Join us November 9th 2023 6P-9P at Comfort CLE 1400 E.105th Cleveland, Ohio 44106. Curated by Sam Supreme and 5th Coast Art & Media. 


Artist Lineup 

Sam Supreme: @thesamsupreme

Yea. I managed to lose my hard drive not just once, but twice in a single year while working on my solo album. Losing three years' worth of music is something I still can't put into words, but what I can talk about is the sheer determination it takes to bounce back. I mean, not once but twice friends! Anyways, the tracks on this project are actually ideas for my upcoming projects. They're so damn groovy that I just had to share and remind myself who I am before diving into my next solo journey with you all.


Delvonte : @delvontemusic 


Boca Beats: @bocabeats

BOCA BEATS best known as The Doctor. What he does best. Flipping familiar favorites into fresh bangers. His ear for samples is in a class of its own. His beats gives artists the opportunity to be story tellers and show and prove. You’ll definitely catch “the feeling” listening to his music.

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Eastside4: @e.side4

The number 4 symbolizes many universal meanings that in one way or another equate to balance. For E.Side4 along with balance it’s represents the four principals of his life and his music, “Vision, Determination, Wisdom,& Morals”. Step into the world of E.Side4, The Cleveland lifestyle rapper weaving soulful vibes with raw authenticity. His artistry delves into the city’s heartbeat, chronicling life’s hustle, adventures, and ups and downs with infectious beats and motivating lyrics. Prepare to be immersed in his magnetic presence as he leaves an unforgettable mark on the hip-hop realm. Tune into Channel 4 



 Images of 11.9.23 event captured by @youngest_cody


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